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        1. KAM Hearing
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          KAM Health Hearing  team
          KAM Health Hearing team

          The kam Healthy Hearing Fitting team has a number of senior hearing aid fitting specialists. Under the leadership of Hong Kong's famous audiologist Mr. KAM, he provides hearing testing and hearing aid fitting services for patients with hearing impairments across the country.

          KAM Ping Kay
          KAM Ping Kay
          Chairman of the Board, Founder / Managing Director
          M. Aud.(Eng), B.S.A.(Eng), A.A.A., I.H.A.S., A.S.A., F.H.K.S.A.

          Mr. Kam Ping Kay attained his Master of Science Degree in Audiology at the University of Southampton in 1982. He is the former chairman and founder member of the Hong Kong Society of Audiology. He has been an Audiologist and the Director of Phonak Hearing Centre HK Ltd. since its opening in 1987, and has previously worked as Audiologist at the Hong Kong Society for the Deaf. He has more than 35 years experience in the field of audiology.

          Susan  Chou
          Susan Chou

          Susan is a Nationally Certified Intermediate Hearing Aid Fitting Specialist
          Graduated from Guangzhou University with a preschool teacher qualification certificate
          Joined KamHearing Center in 2014 as a hearing aid fitter


          Miss Huang joined Kamhearing Center in 2016 and provides hearing services